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ONIT Sport is a Finnish company that provides professional mental wellbeing and coaching services. We work with athletes, teams, sport clubs and federations in all levels!

Mental coaching

We are ONIT, are you? Professional mental coaching strengthens the individual’s self-knowledge, motivation, enhances wellbeing and provides effective tools for better performance.

Licenced professionals

Our experts are certified professionals in social services, health care, education and the sports industry. We have many years’ experience in working with athletes in all levels.

Flexible ways of working

Our mental coaches work wherever you and your team work. Mental coaching is always designed on a case-by-case basis in cooperation with the clients.

Mental coaching strengthens an athlete’s or team’s well-being and supports mental skills best when it is designed to be a natural and regular recurring part of training

We specialize in designing and delivering long-term, seasonal mental coaching for individuals and teams of all ages and levels.

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